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Chef Matt
I really like your website. I was raised in Wolfeboro NH and now live in Tucson AZ. The pictures are awesome. I would like for you to consider a link exchange with It is a community based website that has something to offer to everyone and all ages. Thank you for consideration of the link exchange. Respectfully yours, Chef Matthew Guzman

Alexander Parente
Hi,From Rhode Island. Nice department guys, family and i come up every winter for skiing and i always thought about joining, although a little too far from home :) Nice Tower Ladder... Stay Safe... -Kingston Fire District, Kingston R.I.

Juergen Braun
My name is Jürgen Braun. I am a firefighter in a chemistry-business. You know this business under the name Höchst AG in Frankfurt Germany. I would have a request at all colleagues of the fire brigade. I am on the search to Michael Conn. We have seen ourselves before 27 years ago. Age between 45 and 50 years, red hair. He should live in New Hamshire. My efforts were fruitless so far. Possibly, he lives also in Concord. Who can help me? Maybe an address, telephone number, eMail-address, picture??? Please send at me: Thank you Jürgen Braun

Kansas Firefighter /US Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Program
Looks like you have a well developed department. Keep up the work, it takes a lot of time and as alway be safe, later.

FEMA man
Tornadoes. Not just in Iowa anymore. What would Dorothy and Toto think?

Bernie Soucy

Captian Rick Allan
Hi! from Sherman Frie Dept. Sherman Maine

Luke Wakefield
Something I forgot to mention: I recieved my EMT through SOLO in 2000 and did my clinical time at Memorial. Let me share my first clinical experience some of you may still remember. It was a December evening when the crews brought in a male pt. that had stumbled into a open manhole and spent several hours in sewerage. The pt. was hypothermic and in critical conditon. Of course I will never forgot this horrifing experience, but what I remember the most was the professionalism of everyone involved.

ex firefighter dave mandel
Greetings from Iowa everyone. FEMA called me up again for a deployment here aftah those tornadoes pulverized Parkersburg in late May. I flew out on June 1 and stayed in Cedar Falls until about the 13. While I was up there, we worked the town of Parkersburg and some nearby counties. Parkersburg was a real mess - just like those pictures you saw on the news. Since Friday the 13th I have been staying in the town of Osceola, 40 miles south of Des Moines. Right now I am assigned to Union County. These days I work in Creston which is the biggest city, if you could call it a city, in the county. This county didn't get hit by tornadoes. Howevah, they got about 9" of rain on June 4, and many homes obviously got their basements flooded. They told me this would be a 30-day deployment. Since the disaster has gotten much bigger I imagine the 30 days will be extended. I never know what they will have me doing - things change very quickly all the time. The term they use is "FEMA flexible." Be careful and be safe out there. Keep up all the good work you do. Ex firefighter Dave Mandel

Luke Wakefield
Born and raised in NH and spent many a day climbing the crags of North Conway. Currently a full time Fire Captain/Medic in Arizona. Would love to return to the area and work for you guys!

New Video From Fire Department Germany (Schwalmtal-Waldniel) Video: best regards Arthur

Maggie Rocha
I love your beautiful town. I've visited every summer since I was born and that was 21 years ago. I will never miss a vacation there. It's a tradition. Stay safe all! -Maggie Rocha Fairhaven Call Firefighter/EMT-B Ladder One

Armand Langelier
Howdy again. Keep on doing what you are doing. You guys do an excellent job.

Shannon Hughes
My Dad is a firefighter in Plainville, CT and has been for over 30 years. He of course is my hero for just being such a wonderful dad. But it also gives me such pride to be able to say that he is a firefighter. I have always known that he had 2 families in his life, ours and yours. I wish you all nothing but safety and to always go home to your family at the end of the day. God bless you for what you do.

Armand Langelier
Hi again all you guys and gals ! ! !!!!!!!

FF Rich Schwarzenberg (Eagle Hose and Hook&Ladder Ansonia, Ct.)
hey guys, Thanks for the hospitality yesterday. as promised the photos are up @ Good luck, and stay safe

FF/EMT Brett Duncan- Sterling,MA Fire Dept.
Heading up for New Years. Looking forward to seeing the bonfire and stop in to visit.

Deputy Chief Rob Jones
Im the deputy fire chief for the Effingham fire department. Just checking out your sit. Have a safe new year

jesse hopkins south kalispell vol fire montana
Just checking your site and trucks out be safe and have a good newyear

Mike Johnson / safety officer 50-210 community volunteer fire department
Greetings from North Carolina. Was up your way in early October and just wanted to thank you for showing my wife and myself around your station and for trading department patches. Look forward to visiting with you again in the near future.

Jimmy Posadas
Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I was in North Conway on vacation with my wife in September, (we have been going there the same time for 18 years) and saw Fandangle's burn. It was sad as we eat there every year. But I'm mostly writing to commend you Pat and your men on the job they performed. I have been a fire fighter here in my town for 38 years, I am currently the fire dept. safety officer. You guys did a tremendous job considering the circumstances and the town of Conway should be proud of all of you. Good job guys, be safe and happy holidays,

Herbert Becker Andernach-Miesenheim- Germany
Hallo Kameraden der Fire Rescue North Conway. Ich habe Euch am Sept.25.2007 besucht. Herbert Becker, Fire Chef Retiret

Armand Langelier
Glad to hear Wade and McDonald are okay after the Fandangle's fire.

FF John Lawson, Plainville MA Fire Dept
I hope that both Wayne McDonald And Larry Wade are both doing ok. Get Well soon guys. From your brothers here in MA

Jack Arena
Great site,enjoyed it very much,I`m there every year for the fryeburg fair.NICE TOWER,!,,,Jack Arena Ladder One, Natick,Mass

Chief Preece
Thank you for visting our web site

John Moshier/Winslow ME FF
I was at your station on 9/01/07 and was wondering if you had your station t-shirts for sale and how much they are also your patch. You have a great looking station and some great trucks could you please e-mail me back with the info on the t-shirts at Thanks, John

hey, i really appreciate all the work you guys do each day. it makes this world a much safer place. thanks, and keep up the good work!

Scott Goodenow
I work for The Woodlands Fire Department as a driver/operator. My wife and I were in Conway two days ago and saw some of your apparatus. Just wanted to check out yalls website and see how yall do it in CONWAY....Great website- stay safe!


Chief William Jordan CT
I was in town on a day trip today and noticed you had some type of propane event on the northern end of Rt.16. Was this a drill or a call either way it looked like a good set up!!! Let me know at Look forward to hearing from you

Nick Arba
im from Haverhill, Ive seen your station up close and have to say it looks awsome with the clear doors! keep it roaring and dose that horn still give out the call code or is it silent? if you could give me a awnser at thanks great site too!

Jimmy Seavey, Sr.
Its nice to see other members of the Seavey clan up north in the area from where we hail from went into the service as well. Maybe I will be able to meet a fellow fraternal brother who shares the same last name one day! I fondly remember my days at summer camp on Cow Island at Idlewild! Very nice website fellas! Lt. Jimmy Seavey, Washington, D.C. Fire Department Engine 17, Platoon 2

Carisa & Mike Vincent
Hello from New Mexico! We miss all of you. Looking at the scene photos makes us a bit homesick. Be safe, Happy Holidays and keep in touch:

Glenn R Logan allentown pa.
Hello i have a old fire enineering book which has your old trucks in it i now have seen an up date and boy how far we come in life. history i am aformer c.d. aux fireman and belong to 5 support groups photographer buff history and ect. my family goes 1866 till today in the fire service. thanks for the up date Glenn

Very nice web page, well done...

Brian Dyring
Chris Cartella just sayin hi from the H-Town. I heard you are a firefighter. That is great. Proud of ya brother. Stay safe, remember the good times, and take care of your business.

Armand langelier
Great web site. Keep up the good work all you guys and gals !

Amelia Preece
Hey Big Brother, The department looks good, and hopefully see you soon!!!!!!!!

Just e mailing you to say "hi". Hi, hi !!!

Emily Anderson
Hey Guys!! Love the website. Miss you all, keep up the good work, and I'll see you in November!!

Frank DePaola
Retired Somerville Ma. F D Eng 7 now living Charlotte N C miss the yankee smokehouse and some good old SNOW

Brenda Mavroules Brophy
My very dear friend Leanne Santos Bernaby passed away this summer. This is a Thank you to all of you up North. You were all wonderful to Leanne, her family and friends. Best Wishes and Prayers to all of you, Brenda


Pokey Low
Hello Pat, Tim and All Great site just came accross it love the pictures really miss the valley. Keep up the good work and will try to stop in soon.

brandon viola
we used to have a old forestry truck just like yours in somersworth

Richard C. Fowler plaistow fire explorer
nice website guys

Scott H
It's nice to look at your web site! I have been gone from the western Mtns of Maine and Mt Washington Valley for 26 years. You have come a long way! Keep up the good work. Captain Scott Hunt Fort Wainwright Fire and Emergency Services Fairbanks, Alaska

Kent Cooke
Nice web site.Hope to visit in the fall.Keep up the good work.P.S. I hope all your fires are campfires.Kent

hey guys! keep up the good work!! love the site! you need more pics!! lol

Hey, nice website! You need more pictures though. Hey Chris!!!

Ryan McDonald
Nice stuff cool site really cool pictures keep up the good work

Who's the little boy dressed up in the fire jacket and helmet? He's awfully cute! I think he's next in line for the chief's position!

Rennie Chivers
Hi, I am a CSI and Fire Investigator living in Colchester, England and will be visiting NC in February with my family. I'd be interested to meet any IAAI members in your area. Regards,

15M25- Hey!, I found that NCFD mailing address again ;) Glad you're the one with the pager now, not me- Only the best to you and the whole crew- always.

John Ack
Hey Guys! Great web page. I'm w/ bedford fire. about 2 and 1/2 hours south of your dept. keep up the good work! Ack/ ff/emt-i


jodi willoughby (
hey guys it's me again just wanted to say happy holidays and give you my e mail. love and miss you all hope to hear from anyone. love jodi :)

Amy ( Tim & Stacey's friend )
Hi Pat! Great web site! I was looking for something else, but had to check out your dept and say hello! Hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. Won't be back 'till spring, but look forward to it! amy

jodi willoughby
hey guys i miss you all and would love to come back and fight fires with everyone but as you all should know i have a little girl now. but i will stop by on a monday night meeting to see evryone real soon. I MISS YOU ALL. love jodi.

Steve Medeiros, Goffstown NH
Nice Web Site Guys!!! Nice Tower Ladder. Hope I can Come up soon to see it. The N. Conway Fire Station Should be everybodies first stop when they get to N. Conway. It sure my first stop. Keep up the good work. Steve

AWESOME web site Thanks for all your've done. To Mr. Lawson from Plainville, MA Hello, i have family there, thanks for all your help too!!! :) :)

awesome web site guys! nice photos!your all heros to many people!

Lt Tim Grenno-Whitman MassFire Dpt
Great Site!Had a Blast at the Muddy Moose in N.Conway! Good Luck!

I just wanted you people the sight looks awsome.I would like to buy some shits from you.jeff 207 985 3247

Ray Rendleman
The site looks good! Good Luck Tee on all you ventures!! We love ya bro!! Ray and family

Tell Wayne I said hi, this is his niece. I am the daughter of Scott Tabor from Center Conway fire dept. Someone should tell David to make a web page to. Well bye for now. Oh yeah tell Glorrianne and Chris Greenwood I said hi also.

Ashley again
Wayne is an awesome uncle so he must be a really awesome firefighter. :)

Matthew Leavitt FF/Paramedic Goose Creek City Fire Dept


Chief Preece
Thanks for looking at our website. If you are ever in town stop by and say hi. I think we have a great crew and I am very lucky to have each and every one of them.

Meghan Dwyer
Great web site! Shouts out to my handsome boy Christopher Michael Cartella! Congratulations on everything you've accomplished. I'm very proud of you! Looks like you have a great team. You boys stay safe.

Perry and Bette Flood
Hot web site! Proud of two members of your family and ours Carisa and Mike.

Alan & Ceci Flood
Looks like you are doing things right. We should be so lucky here. Love you all.

George/Priscilla/Linda/Joshua Vincent
Josh thought the pictures were sweet.

FF John Lawson, Plainville MA Fire Dept.
Site looks great, keep up the good work and hope to see you all soon.

Thomas Lee
Nice website!!!

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